The Bounty of Magnificent
Nature andWoven History
of the Islands
Tokyo’s Remote Islands

The Tokyo Islands include 219 islands of all sizes stretching far south from mainland Tokyo across the sea. There exists a unique food culture that has been influenced by the region’s distinctive climate and lifestyles. Here, we introduce the history of the islands’ uniquely characteristic food and their appeal, which continue to captivate visitors.

The Tokyo Islands are volcanic isles consisting of the Izu and Ogasawara islands, marked by rugged terrains and a primarily subtropical temperate climate. Coastal fishing is active, and the islands are endowed with abundant marine resources and produce agricultural products that are different from those of mainland Tokyo.

Historically, the islands have been inhabited by humans since ancient times, and the flow of various people has nurtured unique cultures on each of the 11 islands. The islands still retain its pristine nature. Although some of the islands are now easily accessible by plane, there are still some remote islands with precipitous cliffs that are not easy to visit because they are only accessible by boat.