Spring Vegetable Rolls

alarm About 20 minute
Many of the vegetables ready for harvest in the spring are unique and are often bitter or astringent. It is said that the bitterness and astringency of spring vegetables are there to boost our metabolism, which tends to be sluggish in the winter and to expel accumulated waste. Here, we introduce what to look for in choosing in-season spring vegetables and recipes that capitalize on their umami.


Spring Vegetable Rolls
  • Spring roll wrappers
    8 sheets
  • Nanohana
    1/2 a bunch
  • Asparagus
  • Broad beans
  • Boiled bamboo shoots
  • Miso
    Right amount
  • Potato starch
    Right amount
  • Frying oil
    Right amount


  1. Peel the skin of the asparagus at the base and cut them into 5 cm lengths. Cut the field mustard and bamboo shoots into 5 cm lengths as well.
    タケノコ アスパラガス 菜の花
  2. Double-shell the broad beans. Nicking the skin and blanching will make it easier to shell.
  3. Place the ingredients slightly off the center of the spring roll wrapper and top with miso.
    春野菜の春巻き 巻き方
  4. Fold in the lower half of the wrapper, fold in both ends, and roll.
    春野菜の春巻き 巻き方
  5. Make a paste with water and potato starch, and dab it on the wrapper’s upper edge.
    春野菜の春巻き 巻き方
  6. Heat the frying oil to 170 degrees Celsius and deep fry until crisp.
    春野菜の春巻き 揚げ方

A useful tips

– If it is hard to separate the spring roll wrappers, peel off 2 to 3 together first and separate them. – The smooth side is the front side, so spoon the ingredients onto the rough side. – You can also choose 1 to 2 ingredients to roll.


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