SHUN GATE 10th Anniversary Event

SHUN GATE10周年イベント実施
(Month information was collected: February 2024)
In 2024, SHUN GATE marks its 10th anniversary since launching its website.
To celebrate that occasion, an event was held at Hama House, a café in Hamacho, which is located in Nihonbashihamacho, Tokyo.

This event was part of the THINK, EAT, TABLE project organized in collaboration with the Fuku Gohan Project hosted by the Tokyo Good Manners Project (TGMP). It featured a sale of the food made using the ingredients from producers that we have interviewed in the past, displayed and sold their products, and held a chat show.

This article provides an overview of the event, which allowed visitors to fully enjoy the delights of food and get to know the people involved in the food business.

Sale of original dishes and bento box lunches using the ingredients featured in our articles


The food served for a social gathering at the Regional Revitalizers Summit hosted by the Outlook Foundation on February 3 to 4, 2024, was made using the ingredients featured in SHUN GATE’s articles. It received high praise from the key players involved in the regional revitalization from all over Japan.



The ingredients featured in our articles were also used in the bento box lunches, which are sold on weekdays at Hama House. They were purchased by many local residents and workers.

Display and sale of products featured in our articles


We used bookshelves at Hama House to display pictures of the products and locations that we have covered in the past. In addition to the product display, we set up a SHUN GATE’s corner next to the register for selling the products.

Chat show with regional creators who met through SHUN GATE’s interviews


Three regional creators, whom we met through SHUN GATE’s interviews, were invited to talk at the Regional Revitalizers Summit Breakout Session hosted by the Outlook Foundation.

The article on the chat show can be found here:

SHUN GATE, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its establishment in 2014, will be transforming from “the web media archiving materials on the food culture” to “the web media creating opportunities for people to take action through food culture.”

SHUN GATE celebrates its 10th anniversary. We will continue to deliver stories about the Japanese food culture while cherishing our connection to regional producers and businesses. We also plan to organize initiatives to create more connection points between those people mainly residing in Tokyo and regional communities. Please look forward to it!